April 22, 2005

Daniel P. Moloney on Benedict XVI

Theocon idiots don't understand moral reletavism, it is merely the name of the observable fact that societies attitudes change over time. Even the Catholic Church's attitudes change over time. So it is directly observable that societies moral requiresments are not absolute and unchanging. If you study history it quick shows that these changes, over time mean that there are no moral codes that do not change. (If anyone thinks otherwise just say in the comments, and I'll find you a counter example).

This fact that there are no absolute unchanging moral laws do not mean that there are no moral laws at all. Just because a society decides that one particular set of moral codes nolonger fit for it does not mean that it has no moral codes at all, just that they have changed.

The theocons cannot understand this. In there world there is only one set of morals, theirs, and everybody else is immoral or ammoral. This mental failure leads to such stupidity as thishaving fun is as bad as genocide (well genocide is endorsed by the bible, while fun isn't):
"In this regard, the consumerism and relativism of the West can be just as dangerous as the totalitarianism of the East: It’s just as easy to forget about God while dancing to an iPod as while marching in a Hitler Youth rally."
The difference is that nobody has ever attempted to exterminate an entire race due to their choice of personal MP3 player. There have been repeated attempts at exterminating races based on the rants of demagogues, and popes.

In western society this is an important difference, genocide being a big moral wrong. In the society of the theocons I guess they follow a different moral teaching. I acknowlege this, but it does not stop me from condeming them for it.


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